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Merchant Services & eCommerce

World Class Merchant Services from Paymentsense, Europes largest supplier of Merchant Services

We are partnered with Paymentsense, Europes largest supplier of Merchant Services, which gives us the flexibility to offer you the very best competitive rates and 1st in class sevice!

 Is your company there when you need them?
We are, day and night, for over 85,000 small businesses in the UK and Ireland, helping them process more than £10 billion in annual payments, we are there with superb Customer Support, Smart Products, Time Saving Services and Unbeatable Rates!

  • No sign up feemerchant services
  • Easy install procedure, all done for you, Super Fast Set Up
  • 24/7 UK Support
  • No exit expenses, we will cover any contract cancellation fees with your
    current provider up to £3,000
  • Great Rates
  • Get your Cash Quicker, FREE next day settlement, subject to acceptance
  • Guide you through PCI compliance

Countertop, Portable or Mobile Terminals, whatever is the best for your business, a MOTO vitual terminal where you can take payments literally anywhere, on Computer, Tablet or Smartphone, one MOTO can have multiple people all using the one account, ideal if you have staff working from home and all they have to do is log in!  

Intergrated Payments/eCommerce
Our CONNECT technology links your till and card machine, SECURE and CLOUD-BASED it offers faster transactions, fewer mistakes and clear simple reporting  –  all at NO EXTRA COST!

We are OPEN even when the banks are CLOSED, LET US PUT YOU IN A BETTER PLACE! 

CONTACT ME TODAY, either use the CONTACT FORM, eMail me on or call me directly on 07545 805 194

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